Case studies

Quantiv is an innovative software development company, based in Altrincham, Cheshire. Following a consultation, employees were offered a programme consisting of a 5-week group course, with optional follow-up through one-to-one sessions. The programme began in January 2013 and was so successful that it ran for 2 years. The data and quotes below are from the participant questionnaires.

Putting the Alexander technique course into practice.

How often can you put into practice something you learnt on the course to help your work?

Additional benefits gained from one-to-one Alexander technique lessons.

To what extent did you gain benefits from the one-to-one lessons that were additional to those already achieved from the group lessons?

Some comments from participants in the Quantiv Alexander programme:

  • “Bringing in Julia was a great investment both for the people as well as the whole company.”
  • “Interesting content on the bio-mechanics of the human body. A resulting higher awareness of how we act / behave and resulting postures has provided me with a way of thinking differently about long term effects of how I work today.”
  • “It opened my eyes to how my unconscious movements / preferences can be negatively affecting me without me even realising.”
  • “I have become much more relaxed and started to notice when I tend to tense my muscles and how that relates to perceived level of stress….But the best benefit from all is that it helped me look at life, work and relationship through a bigger lens and in a wider context. Overall I feel that my life seems much richer than before.”
  • “Simply encouraging thinking about usage makes a change. Posture, using the stairs, getting to sleep – small techniques that add up to a difference. Knowing that certain issues are caused by habit is enabling – you can do something about it, even a start is a difference.”
  • “It was extremely beneficial. Julia had touched on both theory and practice. She was always very helpful and easy to communicate. She has highly developed communication skills.”
  • “The best aspect of the course was to help me understand better ways of performing daily activities and you don’t have to do anything special but just change the way we react and use our body.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I didn’t go in with any expectations or ideas on the Technique and have come out with a bit more understanding and some good practices that I am trying to implement.”
  • “Best part was…getting the time to think about what changes you could make to improve any issues and then being shown how to do that.”
  • “Julia has extensive medical knowledge as well as wide awareness about psychology and mind. While the course is about back pain and avoiding injuries it made me look at the world from bigger perspective and I’m happy that the company has brought Julia on board.”

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