How to learn it

If you are interested in learning the Alexander Technique (i.e. being able to apply it yourself), one-to-one lessons with a registered teacher will be key. Lessons are tailored to your particular requirements, helping you to gradually change the habits of a lifetime. This level of individual attention is required as these are essentially practical skills, learnt through repeat experience and by changing your way of thinking. As a rough analogy, you could not hope to learn a practical skill such as driving a car by just reading a book.

Group learning though courses & workshops can, however, be a valuable introduction to the Technique and will help you decide if you want to take it further through individual lessons. Courses and workshops can also provide some useful tips and tools to help you in your daily life.

In sum, if you’re just curious, group courses are a great way of finding out about the Alexander Technique, whereas individual lessons are usually more appropriate if you want help addressing an issue or problem. If you’re not sure what may be the most appropriate for you, please contact me and I will be happy to advise.