My publications

One of my aims is to bring the Alexander Technique to a wider audience and writing about it is one way of doing this. My publications to date include (click on link to read the article):

Peer-reviewed (academic) articles

Peer-review book chapters

  • Alexander Technique lessons as a healthcare intervention. In: Connected Perspectives – The Alexander Technique in context. pp 12-37. Editors: Claire Rennie, Tanya Shoop and Kamal Thapen. Hite Books and Publishing. 2015. ISBN 978-0-95689-974 3.
  • Alexander Technique. Co-authored with Jane Saunderson. In: The Sage encyclopedia of theory in counseling and psychotherapy. pp 39-43. Editor: Edward S. Neukrug. Sage Publications. May 2015. ISBN 9781452274126.

Other publications

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